May 13, 2014 4:30 pm

Angry Calgary moms target school zone speeders 

Moms armed with radar guns are taking aim at speeding drivers.

It’s part of a pilot project by the city’s roads department to try and help curb the danger at Huntington Hills School in the northwest.

Volunteers are using a radar gun to record how many people are speeding through the school zone, hoping either to scare or convince them to slow down.

Vicky Farr is one of the moms taking part in the project.

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“We have far too many people breaking the speed limit. I think people get zoned in their own little world and forget they are in a school zone and go heavy on the gas.”

“Every day my son says to me, ‘Mom, they can’t hear you yell at them to slow down.’

The city’s roads department says if the pilot project is successful, it will be expanded.

”We thought just having eyes on the road would be enough of an incentive for people to slow down,” says Julie Yepishina-Geller. “But it looks like having the radar gun is really key in terms of that shock factor in getting people to slow down.”

Other schools taking part in the project include Mother Mary Greene School in Edgemont, Harvest Hills Elementary, Silver Springs School and Brentwood Elementary.


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