May 12, 2014 5:11 pm

Hope for Wildlife ready to grow

HALIFAX – Located in picturesque Seaforth, N.S., Hope for Wildlife has been helping injured and orphaned animals for the past 17 years. Since 1997, the society has helped more than 20,000 animals and over 250 species. Much of the work is done in the barn, which has seen better days.

“Because of the general condition, and because we’ve gotten so busy all year round now, this barn doesn’t work well” says Hope Swinimer, founder of Hope for Wildlife.

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The barn is home to hundreds of animals at a time, many of which are new arrivals.

“There’s not a whole lot of space and we still have a lot more babies to come, like it looks crowded now, but theres only going to be more in a few weeks time” says Meaghen Tobin, Intern with Hope for Wildlife.

One of the biggest problems with the barn is the fact Hope for Wildlife has simply outgrown the space.

“It gets pretty crowded because there’s somebody new to feed every hour, theres the raccoons, the squirrels, the foxes outside, the birds, theres always someone to feed” says Brandi Postma, Intern with Hope for Wildlife.

Then there’s the water, or lack there of.

“The water can cut out because its an older building, so even having some water thats always working would make the job a whole lot easier” added Tobin.

Plans are now being finalized to build a new 3-story building — which workers say will help operations run much more smoothly.

“It would make it a hundred times easier and we could get it a done faster, because sometimes were struggling around here to feed the raccoons when the squirrels are waiting to be fed so we get backed up in line” said Postma.

Hope for Wildlife has just received their first donation for the new facility, but there’s still a long way to go, and the society needs help.

“We’re taking place in the Bluenose Marathon so if you want to sponsor one of our runners we have many people running and thats a great way to raise some money” added Swinimer.

It’s hoped the new barn will be up and running by late summer.

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