May 11, 2014 9:58 pm

Big changes for Kelowna’s Center of Gravity festival

KELOWNA — What started off as a beach volleyball tournament in 2007 has turned into Kelowna’s largest festival.

Center of Gravity attracted tens of thousands of people over the three-day August long weekend last year.

Fun for some, but not so much for others who had their neighborhoods taken over by party-goers.

This year, the show will go on, but with many changes.

A bylaw restricting parking in certain areas near City Park to residential parking only, more live bands, increased security are the bulk of the changes.

There will also be a complete ban for any bars and clubs in the city to extend their usual hours during the weekend of the festival.

Costs associated with all of the changes add up to more than $25,000, with Wet Ape Productions, the company that runs Center of Gravity, footing the bill.

That means the festival is facing one of its most difficult financial years.

But organizers say the investment is for the long term benefit of both the festival and the community.

A report containing all of the changes will be reviewed by city council on Monday.

The music line up will be announced sometime next week.

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