May 12, 2014 12:17 pm

Byelections in Alberta, Ontario: How these ridings voted, poll by poll, in 2011

Voters enter a Montreal polling station on Canada's May 2, 2011 federal election


Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced byelections for four vacant ridings Sunday – two in the Toronto area and two in Alberta – but not, however, for the Tory riding vacated by the death of former finance minister Jim Flaherty.

Voters in Fort McMurray-Athabasca, Macleod, Scarborough-Agincourt and Trinity-Spadina will head to the polls June 30.

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The Prime Minister’s Office has said it’s waiting to hold a byelection in Flaherty’s Whitby-Oshawa riding east of Toronto out of respect for his family. (A cynic might note this also means the Tories needn’t campaign to hold a Tory riding during a provincial election, while both the Liberals and NDP will be)

To get a sense of how these byelection battles could play out, here’s a granular look at how each one voted in the 2011 federal election.

Interactives: Type in your postal code to see the polling station closest to you, or click and drag to move around. Double click to zoom; click a coloured polygon for more details on how people in that polling station voted.

The drop-down menus let you explore plurality winner, support for each party and overall turnout.

Scarborough-Agincourt could be closer than the Liberals would like: Their grip on the popular vote has been slipping as Tories gained ground in this riding.

2011 poll-level results: Scarborough-Agincourt »

2011 poll-level results: Scarborough-Agincourt

Trinity-Spadina, too, could be more competitive than expected, pitting veteran councillor Adam Vaughan (Liberal) against relative political newbie Joe Cressy in Olivia Chow’s old riding.

2011 poll-level results: Trinity-Spadina »

2011 poll-level results: Trinity-Spadina

It’s probably safe to say these two Alberta ridings are Tory locks:

2011 poll-level results: Fort McMurray-Athabasca »

2011 poll-level results: Fort McMurray-Athabasca

2011 poll-level results: Macleod »

2011 poll-level results: Macleod

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