May 9, 2014 3:43 pm

CASA es uno

May 9, 2014 Today we talked to Derek Stevenson about the one year birthday of CASA. Events will take place next Wednesday May 13. Get some cake at about 11am. Derek tells me that since moving from the Bowman, attendance at the new building is 5 times what it used to be. Side note: Derek just finished a great run as Sir Robin in Spamalot. He’s now rehearsing for Shakespeare in the Park which will once again hit the pergola at the Galt Gardnes this summer. More on that later.

Diane Quist is the new manager of 10,000 Villages. She reminds us about tomorrow’s Fair Trade Day. There’ll be dancers, drummers and artisans throughout the day. I buy many of my Christmas presents from them every year. There’s always something unique.

Once again Dallas Harty joins Scene & Heard to remind us about motorcycle safety and the big Teddy Bear parade tomorrow. (Sorry the weather isn’t looking great) Be watching for all the motorcycles on the road. And if there’s a motorcycle being driven by a teddy bear, be a little extra cautious.

Before I started doing Scene & Heard I hadn’t been to the Japanese Gardens since it opened in 1967. Take it from me it’s always worth stopping by just to rejuvinate yourself. It’s an incredibly zen place. The Gardens opens for the season tomorrow with lots of activities. It’s a good weekend to bring mom with you.

Coming up next week among the many guests we’ll have are author and cooking show host Sandi Richard, Whitney Houston tribute artist Belinda Davids and Victoria Duffield who is opening for The Backstreet Boys next Wednesday.

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