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PHOTOS: Chilliwack woman trying to raise thousands to help her rescue dog

Sasha needs double hip surgery.

Carrie Corbett

VANCOUVER РWhen Sasha was rescued by Carrie Corbett four years ago, she knew the roughly seven-year-old samoyed would be a good fit for her family.

They already had a male samoyed and even though they were only supposed to be her foster family, she captured their hearts.

But something wasn’t quite right.

“She was really stiff,” says Corbett, “really awkward.”

“The vet thought she was chained or even crated for an extended period of time.”

She says Sasha would always run awkwardly, but in the past year she started to whine occasionally and started lying down with her legs straight out behind her.

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In January, Corbett took her to the vet and discovered she would need a double-hip replacement.

“The vet said she must have suffered some major trauma before [I] got her,” says Corbett, “and it didn’t heal properly.”

Corbett is now trying to raise $16,000 for the surgery her dog desperately needs. She has already saved up $4,000 on her own and is hoping to raise enough to save up the rest as soon as possible.

As each hip surgery has to be performed separately, Corbett is hoping to start with one surgery in the next month.

She says so far the help and support she has received has been amazing.

“It’s totally overwhelming,” she says. “I can’t keep up with all the thank yous.”

To support Sasha and donate to the campaign, check out Corbett’s GoFundMe page.


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