May 8, 2014 8:54 pm

Teens using e-cigarettes to secretly smoke marijuana: police

Watch above: The drug is not new but the way to use it is. E-cigarettes or vapourizers have renewed concerns over teens using marijuana. Fletcher Kent explains.

EDMONTON – Police are concerned about a new method some teens are using to smoke marijuana. They say more and more youth are putting marijuana oil into e-cigarettes or vapourizers, which essentially masks the normally potent smell of the drug.

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In the last two weeks alone, police have caught five Edmonton high school students with e-cigarettes filled with marijuana oil.

“It’s prevalent. It’s everywhere. Kids are jumping on this quite quickly,” said Sgt. Kelly Rosnau of the EPS School Resource Officer Unit.

He explains that marijuana oil can often have THC levels higher than 90 per cent, compared to a typical joint which would contain around 10 to 20 per cent THC levels.

As a result of the concerns raised by police, schools have now banned all e-cigarettes from school property.

“This is a very real threat. We’re just starting to see it, starting to address it; and we want to get out in front of it,” Rosnau added.

Colin Rogucki, the owner of Shell Shock, says he knows e-cigarettes are being used to smoke marijuana oil, sometimes even at movie theatres. But he believes this recent warning is fear-mongering.

“To me, it’s ‘save the children’ — save the children from what? They’ve been smoking pot for a while.”

Students Global News spoke to at Harry Ainlay High School, including Mando Gaundette, admit they’ve been seeing more e-cigarettes around, but claim they weren’t aware of them being used in this way.

Gaundette welcomes the warning, though.

“I think it’s pretty important. They need to get the word across so people know what they’re dealing with.”

Officers who target marijuana grow ops say they’re finding marijuana oil at many of the homes they raid. According to police, the production of this oil is not safe, as large amounts of butane are used and there is a risk of explosions.

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