May 8, 2014 1:21 pm

Mother’s Day mascarpone stuffed French Toast

Mother’s Day Mascarpone Stuffed French Toast


½ cup                 Mascarpone cheese (room temperature)

1 tbsp                 Brown sugar

4 – 5                    Thick sliced bread (1 – 1.5” slices)

4                           Eggs

½ cup                 Heavy cream

½ cup                 Milk

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1                           Vanilla pod

Freshly grated nutmeg to taste

Icing sugar to dust


Cut a pocket into each slice of bread from the side.

In a medium bowl mix together eggs, sugar, cream, and milk.

In another bowl mix mascarpone, sugar and nutmeg together.  Cut vanilla pod lengthwise and scrap seeds into mixture and stir.  Gently spoon mixture into the pockets of the bread.  Prior to pan frying in a medium heat pan, soak each side of the slices of the mascarpone filled bread in the milk mixture.

Place in frying pan and cook both sides until golden brown.  Remove and dust with icing sugar and add berry compote topping.


Berry Compote


½ cup                 Strawberries

½ cup                 Blueberries

½ cup                 Blackberries

¼ cup                 Sugar (or to taste)

Splash of Balsamic Vinegar

1                           Whole vanilla pod

Orange zest


In a medium saucepan add half of each berry type, sugar and, orange zest and bring to gentle boil.  Stirring occasionally.  Once berries start to break down add remaining whole berries and continue to cook for approx. 8 min.  Remove from heat and top cooked French toast slices.

Chef’s Tip:  If berries are out of season use frozen.


Mum’s Morning Smoothie


½ cup                 Strawberries (frozen)

½ cup                 Blueberries (frozen)

½ cup                 Blackberries (frozen)

1                           Green apple (sliced)

¾ cup                 Kale (chopped)

½ cup                 Cucumber (sliced)

¼ cup                 Celery

1 cup                   Coconut water

½ cup                 apple juice

2 tbsp                 Ground flax seeds

Small slice of peeled ginger


Additional optional ingredients:  Banana / mango / pineapple



Place all ingredients in blender and blend until desired consistency is reached.


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