May 8, 2014 1:00 pm

Friday May 9th  on The Morning News

We kick off our fantastic Friday program with a look at a Nova Scotia icon. He’s been everywhere, man. From tiny Brooklyn, Queens County, to Nashville’s Grand Ole Opry. Hank Snow enjoyed a musical career that spanned five decades. At 6:45 we’ll talk with author Vernon Oickle about his book that looks at the life and legacy of Nova Scotia’s South Shore cowboy crooner.

Nurses Week is just around the corner and there’s a new report out about the impact of Nurse Practitioners on patient health. At 7:15 we’ll be joined by one of the lead investigators of the report Dr. Kathleen MacMillan, Director Of Dalhousie School Of Nursing and we’ll meet Nurse Practitioner Nikki Kelly to talk about what the findings mean for health care in Nova Scotia.

What does mom really want for Mother’s Day?  Something from Kept Gifts and Housewares in Downtown Dartmouth.  Owners Charlotte and Alex will be by at 7:45  with gift ideas, plus we’ll make a beautiful handmade card with stamps to tee up Open City Day.

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Think about the best music festival you’ve ever attended. Now think about how cool it would be to have all those memories documented in a coffee table book! That’s what the organizers of Sappyfest have done. At 8:15, We’ll get a glimpse of the past and look ahead to the 9th annual New Brunswick festival from Sappyfest patron and Pigeon Row PR guy Matt Charlton.

And we’ll wrap up the show at 8:45 with a look at Open City. It’s a chance to be a tourist in your own town. About 145 local restaurants, retailers and museums will be offering up various incentives and activities this Saturday to entice residents out of the suburbs and into the downtown core. We’ll head outside into the back parking lot to talk with a couple of businesses who will be offering up some neat treats this weekend.

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