May 7, 2014 6:10 pm

Calgary students’ report cards changing to standard ranking scale

CALGARY- Student’s report cards are about to get a major makeover.

Traditionally, they used percentages and grades like A+ to mark students, but the Calgary Board of Education (CBE) is changing that.

Starting next year, there will be a standard numerical scale:

4 – Excellent
3 – Good
2 – Basic
1 – Not meeting

The superintendent for Learning Services with the CBE says it will help make grading more consistent.

“This is about more accurate reporting,” explains Dennis Parsons. “We’re trying to build consistency across the system, that puts the focus on student learning and then accurately reflects that learning back to parents, so they can work with their child.”

There will also be two report cards sent home per year, as well as three parent/teacher conversations.

The change will affect students from kindergarten to Grade 9. Marks for high school students remain unchanged.


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