May 7, 2014 1:46 pm

Accused Willow Park animal killer seeks bail

CALGARY – A 19-year-old man accused in a shocking case of animal cruelty is seeking bail.

Nicolino Camardi is accused in the death of a Siberian husky and a cat, both found dead in a Willow Park alley in January.

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The animals were found muzzled, and a necropsy determined the husky died from starvation, while the cat was asphyxiated after sustaining traumatic injuries to its head, tail and hind limbs.

Animal activists are hoping for the maximum penalty.

“We’ve yet to see a case, since the laws have been changed that we could get the maximum of five years, we’ve yet to see that,” says the DAISY Foundation’s Heather Anderson. “So we’re hoping to see a judge maybe take a look at this case, and realize that something has to be done.”

“No more minimum charges, give these animal abusers maximum charges. We’ve got to see it happen,” added Anderson.

Camardi has been charged with two counts of willfully causing unnecessary pain suffering or injury to an animal.

He appeared in court on Wednesday, and is scheduled to appear in court again on Monday for a bail hearing.

In the meantime, he will meet with a doctor on Friday.

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