May 6, 2014 5:27 pm

Oh my, a science guy..

May 6, 2014. Today we spent some time over at Fleetwood Bawden School where it was Scientists in School Day. We met an actual scientist Mark Goettel who is an entomologist. He was sharing his love of bugs with the kids and judging by the noise in the classroom they were quite thrilled about the hands on approach to learning about something that might make some people a little sqeemish. It was interesting to talk about Mark’s research that involved injecting a fatal disease into mosquito larva so they can’t reproduce.

It’s always a pleasure to talk to Floyd Sillito. He’s a man who’s waaay past 60 but has an incredible zest for life and loves to play music for people. And he’s darn good at it too. He’s playing over at the Blue Sky Lodge tonight at 7:30 with a couple of friends Karen & Otto. They’re going by Floyd and the Classics. if you like old country, you’ll love his performance. They’ll also be at the main library theatre gallery tomorrow at noon.

We stopped by the Scenic Drive McDonalds today to remind you about tomorrow’s McHappy Day. A portion of the proceeds will go to Family Centre in Lethbridge. Stop by any of the Lethbridge locations and help out a great cause. I’m happy to say Alison Mackisey from McDonalds and Denise Fedunek from Family Centre helped me sing the Ba da bum ba dah song as a promo.

Another day in May and another day of snow. Here’s a little weather trivia: On this day in 1992 we hit a record high temperature of 31. Later that year on August 21 we had 16.8 cm of snow. Insane.

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