May 6, 2014 5:45 am

Rule-bending King’s Wharf design tweaks won’t affect public safety: developer

Julia Wong/Global News

DARTMOUTH — The developers of King’s Wharf have asked the city to approve two design changes, as the major waterfront construction project continues.

Developers want permission to build 80 extra units in the first construction phase.

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King’s Wharf is currently only accessible via one road. Residents of the four buildings planned for phase one — along with essential and emergency services those residents require — will all share that single access point.

Until another road to King’s Wharf is built, the city has capped construction at 300 units. This application seeks to build 380 units.

“We want to stress that this design modification does not impact public safety,” the application document states.

This project is unique, the application explains, because the peninsular site has greater access than an inland development.

“King’s Wharf is readily accessible by water for fire, evacuation and other emergency services,” the document states.

Along with standard street access, emergency crews with Halifax Fire and the Canadian Coast Guard could access King’s Wharf from the water.

The application also explains each unit will have lower occupancy than standard family homes, and lists examples of other developments that have been granted exemptions to the construction cap.

In addition to upping the number of units, developers also want to reshape one of the buildings.

The change would pull one of the condominium buildings approximately seven metres further from the shoreline. “The location and design of Building C is necessary due to an engineering design issue,” the application states.

Both design tweaks will now go before Harbour East -Marine Drive Community Council for approval at a later date.


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