May 3, 2014 5:52 pm

Winnipeggers learn about their city on walking tours

Dozens of people enjoy one of the 24 walking tours taking place around Winnipeg this weekend

Ashley Carter/Global News

WINNIPEG – Hundreds of Winnipegger’s strapped on their walking shoes Saturday to participate in Jane’s Walk.

Numerous groups explored different Winnipeg hot spots and hidden gems throughout the day on walking tours inspired by Jane Jacobs, a popular urban activist.

One group explored Riverview, learning tidbits about how there used to be an airport at the river in Fort Rouge for floatplanes to take supplies North.

And that was surprising and exciting for walkers on the tour.

“No, didn’t know there was an airport!” said one tour participant.

Volunteer professors, professionals and community leaders lead the tours and conversations about the areas, like downtown.

“The University of Winnipeg was then called United College at that point,” said Serena Keshavjee, tour leader and modern art and architecture professor at the University of Winnipeg, to her tour group.

“It’s interesting to see how they’re trying to revitalize the downtown area, bringing more people down here,” said a member of Keshavjee’s tour group.

Others took in the popular Osborne Village walking tour.

A crowd gathers to hear about Osborne Village

Ashley Carter/Global News

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“What we’ll be doing is looking at some of the older buildings, some of their stories and history, as well as developments that have over the last 40 years,” said Harry Finnigan, tour leader and former Director of Planning for Winnipeg.

While others discovered Winnipeg’s public art that many miss or never notice in their everyday routines.

“We sometimes tend to stick to our own area so if you’ve never been to Crescentwood or if it’s been 15 years since you’ve been on Selkirk Avenue then this weekend is the time to explore your city,” said Jane’s Walk Winnipeg organizer, Matt Carreau.

Over 50 cities across Canada are taking part in Jane’s Walk, with countries like Japan, Denmark, and Australia also joining in.

If you missed Saturday’s walking tours, Winnipeg will host 13 more walks on Sunday.

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