May 4, 2014 9:59 pm

Online campaign to help children of murdered Clearwater woman

The three children of a Clearwater woman allegedly murdered by her estranged husband are in need of a new home.

Angila Wilson was killed in an alleged domestic dispute in Clearwater last month.

Her estranged husband has been charged in her death.

Wilson leaves behind three children, aged six, four and two years old, who will now be in the custody of Wilson’s brother Frank and his wife Leanne Bowcott.

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However, the couple has two children of their own and rent a house that is not big enough for five children.

Family friend Deanna Gobin says the family needs a bigger home, so she started an online fundraising campaign to help them buy a home large enough to house five children.

“They are going to have a lot on their hands,” she says. “They have really big hearts. They are willing to do whatever it takes. But it does take money to raise kids.”

Frank’s wife Leanne says her husband was very close with his sister.

“We have decided to take the kids because she has always asked us that if anything ever happened to her that we would take care of her babies.”

She says Angila was a very sweet woman and is missed dearly by her family.

“We are stepping up to the plate for her because they do not have anyone other than us…. You just want to do what is best for them. We want to show them nothing but love. They have had a pretty rough life so far.”

She says their priority is providing the children with a big enough house.

“We can’t move them in to a place where there is not enough room,” she says. “They need to be able to have their space because they have seen a lot… they are such amazing children, so loving.”

Gobin says she is hoping to raise $20,000, enough for a down payment on a new house and to be able to make payments on a new van.

So far, more than $2,000 has been raised.

To make a donation, go here.

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