May 1, 2014 2:04 pm

Friday May 2nd On The Morning News

We’ll begin our Friday show with a chat about a first time meeting happening in Halifax next month. Oncologist Dr. Robyn MacFarlane will drop by the red table at 6:45 to talk with Crystal about the first-ever bladder cancer patient meeting in the Maritimes. She says these types of gatherings are important for those diagnosed with the disease but it also helps to raise awareness about the warnings signs for this common type of cancer.

Skipping rope is not just a game played in driveways and school yards anymore. It’s a serious sport, especially for a talented group of people from our great city of Halifax. At 7:15 Crystal will get a lesson from the folks with Jump Energy Rope Skipping Club before they head off to the National CanadianRope Skipping Championships in British Columbia!

At 7:45 we’ll introduce you to the face of the Crohns and Colitis Canada fundraising campaign. Eleven-year old Jillian Robinson is a Haligonian and was diagnosed with colitis when she was just three years old. She’s an amazing girl and you’ll soon become very familiar with her name and story as the nation-wide fundraising campaign rolls out next week as part of the M&M Meat Shop Charity Day BBQ.

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Friend of the show Contessa makes another visit to the Morning News team at 8:15! She’s been invited back to Big Brother Canada for Season 2 Finale Week.  Since being on the show, her life hasn’t been the same, but fame hasn’t changed the girl.  Her positive attitude has got her invited back a number of times and she’s made new friends.   One of her BBCAN BFFs is Kyle, who will co-host a fun finale party at Reflections on Saturday night.  Speaking of reflections, Contessa chats with Crystal on her favourite moments of BBCAN Season 2, and shares her  predictions for the winner!!

Friend of the show, Dennis Ellsworth will be by at 8:45 to perform a tune from his award-winning album Hazy Sunshine. Ellsworth recently took home two PEI Music Awards and he’ll play Friday night in Fall river and Saturday night at the Company House!!


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