April 30, 2014 11:09 am

Crown paints a dark picture of David Woods during murder trial

Warning: some people may find contents contained in this story disturbing

Watch above: dark picture of David Woods painted by Crown at murder trial

SASKATOON – The Crown continued to paint a dark picture of David Woods as his first-degree murder trial continued Tuesday in Saskatoon.

Woods is accused of killing his wife Dorothy in November 2011.

On the first day of the trial, court heard Dorothy had been having intimate relationships with two other men and told her husband their marriage was over.

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On the stand Tuesday was Derrick Brown, one of those men.

Brown testified he was sexually intimate with Dorothy on Nov. 10, 2011 at his home. He saw her for the last time the following day.

He then said on Nov. 15, he received text messages from her cell phone, but believed David was the sender, not Dorothy.

Dorothy’s number to Derrick’s cell: “u f***** nigger u have been f***** my wife. She’s knocked up with a little coon. Im going to hang u from a lamppost with yr balls in yr mouth.”

Dorothy’s number to Derrick’s cell: “Good dead nigger”

Derrick’s cell to Dorothy’s number: “I wl tell tell u this if your wife is pregnant it could never be mine in a million years”

Dorothy’s number to Derrick’s cell: “Lying nigger the morning after pi didn’t work and I’m still going to get you because you’re a nigger.”

Woods defence lawyer said the Crown is inaccurately painting him has racist.

“I’m very cognizant of how the prosecution seems to be playing on the fears of your average ordinary citizen,” said Woods lawyer Micheal Nolin outside of court.

Also on the stand Tuesday was Sandra Lukowich, a friend of Dorothy’s. She led several ground searches in the weeks after her friend went missing.

Const, Rebecca Parenteau testified that two days before Dorothy’s body was found, a different woman’s body was located east of Saskatoon.

RCMP Special Const. Trevor Haugen also testified, stating David Woods’s vehicle made a trip to the Blackstrap Lake area two days after that body was discovered. He was tracked there after police had placed a GPS tracking unit on his vehicle.

Haugen admitted under cross-examination that it was impossible to tell who was driving the vehicle.

Next week as part of the trial, the jury will follow the GPS route out to the Blackstrap Lake area where court was told a flag will mark the location Dorothy’s body was found as well as the spot where the vehicle turned around.

While a story and timeline are developing, Nolin said there are holes in the case and stated a key piece of his case will come during cross-examination of a police officer within the next day or two.

The trial continues on Wednesday.

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