April 30, 2014 8:58 am

Drowning victim may have sacrificed himself in Texada boating accident

Shannon McBoyle (left) survived several hours in the water after her boat capsized off of Texada Island.

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VANCOUVER – More news is coming to light about a boating accident off Texada Island and how the victim may have sacrificed himself for his partner.

The family of Jordan Beaudoin says when the boat began to sink he made sure his partner, Shannon McBoyle, had the only survival suit on-board, along with a life jacket.

Beaudoin put on a second life jacket, but when they fell into the water he became disorientated and McBoyle lost sight of him.

She spent several hours in the water before she was able to get to shore and hike a few more hours to a cabin to get help.

Beaudoin’s body was recovered onshore several hours later.

Jordan Patrick Beaudoin

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Police say Beaudoin and McBoyle set out on Saturday for a day of fishing, but when the weather turned rough they needed to take shelter near Texada.

When they set out again in their five-metre fishing boat, it started taking on water and the boat capsized, sending both into the water.

Const. Tim Kenning said the boat had not been recovered, so it was unclear what exactly happened and he said the McBoyle couldn’t tell them much.

“You can only imagine her — exhausted, fatigued, hypothermic, emotional — state that any person would be in after that sort of ordeal,” he said.

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