April 29, 2014 7:50 pm

Warmth to arrive in Saskatoon as soggy April weather ends

After one of the soggiest Aprils on record for Saskatoon, the last day may come as a surprise.

Peter Quinlan / Skytracker Weather

SASKATOON – After one of the soggiest Aprils on record for Saskatoon, the final day of the month may come as a warm surprise.

On the last day of April, Saskatoon is coming out of nearly six straight days of snow including 12 hours of snow Monday and eight hours of snow Tuesday.

Saskatoon saw over three and a half times our normal precipitation this month with approximately 86 millimetres reported in April 2014.

On average, the city sees 23.9 millimetres during the month.

Temperatures have been around three degrees colder than normal throughout April.

Warmer air is moving into the Saskatoon region for the final few moments of the month, bringing with it some sunshine.

Wednesday temperatures are expected to climb to 16 degrees in the afternoon with mostly sunny skies.

May is also expected to kickoff quite nice with the mercury sticking in double digits for at least the first couple days.

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