April 29, 2014 6:52 pm

Distracted driving? Another C-Train Driver facing allegations

CALGARY – There’s another complaint of a transit driver reading while on the job.

A passenger on a C-Train Saturday took a picture of a driver who they say was texting between the downtown core and Anderson Station.

The allegations come just days after an earlier incident, in which a  C-Train rider snapped a picture of a driver who appeared to be reading a day planner while the train was at full speed.

Calgary transit spokesperson Ron Collins says it is against regulations for drivers to be reading anything while operating a C-Train or bus. An investigation is underway.

“Our operators are reminded of this sort of thing on a regular basis,” says Collins. “Everybody has the initial training that they go through. Everybody knows what the rules are, and it’s unfortunate these couple of incidents have come to light.”

There are 2,000 transit operators and Calgary Transit says the vast majority do their job very well.

Repercussions for distracted transit drivers range from a warning, suspension or even termination.

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