April 28, 2014 6:43 pm

Calgarians warned to brace for electricity price hike

Tom Reynolds/Global News

CALGARY- Those who haven’t locked in their electricity prices are about to get some sticker shock.

Enmax confirms that the local access fee they charge on behalf of the city will jump on May 1. The move comes as electricity prices rise nearly 40 per cent, from $7.08 per kilowatt hour in April to $10.61 in May.

“That is in large part to do with market fluctuations, supply and demand,” explained Doris Kaufmann Woodcock from Enmax. “It’s not uncommon in the summer months to see scheduled maintenance on generation facilities or even transmission facilities infrastructure…and that’s what we’re experiencing.”

The increases mean the typical home will be charged an extra $22 per month. Consumers have the option to lock in to rates with different retailers.

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