April 25, 2014 11:50 pm

Health Headlines, April 19 – 25

April 19 -Airport measles
Passengers who boarded an Air Canada flight from Vancouver to Edmonton earlier this month are being warned they may have been exposed to measles.

April 21- Pollen leaves its mark on allergy sufferers
Allergies are a visible sign of spring and experts say this year could be a doozy for sufferers. Pollen is all over the place – and if you think it’s bad now – wait until things heat up.

April 22 -Save a life in two minutes
Right now in this province more than 400 people are waiting for a life saving organ transplant. And while the idea of organ donation seems popular, only 19 percent of British Columbians have actually registered to be a donor.

April 23 – What causes autism?
It’s one of the most enduring health care mysteries: what’s the cause of autism and why is it on the rise worldwide? In Global BC’s continuing series on this troubling disorder we turn to research. What’s being done to find a cure or at least an effective treatment?

April 24- Distraught mother kills herself, and son with severe autism
A story is emerging of a terrible family tragedy in Prince Rupert that underlines the extraordinary stress that can face the parents of children with autism and the lack of resources.

April 25 – Miracle recovery from devastating stroke
Just a few years ago an Invermere man cut down by stroke needed help with walking, feeding himself and a variety of other challenges. And now? Even his doctor’s call his progress a “miracle”.

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