April 24, 2014 8:31 pm

Slam dunk breakfast for UBCO athletes


KELOWNA — It appears the Okanagan is more than willing to help its young athletes, as the UBC Athletics Scholarship breakfast sold out again, just as it has in all of the nine years it’s been held.

UBC matches every dollar raised at the breakfast, and overall more than $400,000 has been raised for the Athletics Scholarship Endowment.

That was before Thursday morning’s breakfast added even more.

The early morning crowd heard from UBC Heat volleyball player Jill Festival, who talked about the importance of community support.

The keynote came from Pierre Lafontaine, the C.E.O. of Canadian Inter-University Sport.  In an “interview” style talk with former Global sports director Pat Kennedy, Lafontaine talked about the importance of keeping our best Canadian athletes here at home instead of losing them to colleges and Universities in the United States.

Fundraisers such as Thursday’s breakfast are an important way to do that.

Rob Johnson, director of athletics and recreation at UBC Okanagan says “many of our student athletes couldn’t afford to participate on our teams without the financial awards that we offer as a result of the athletics breakfast.”

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