April 23, 2014 3:52 pm

Remember 1967?

April 23, 2014 As I was looking through the daily weather almanac I realized that it was on this day back in 1967 that we still had 38 cm of snow on the ground. Two days earlier on April 21 we had 61cm on the ground. Keep in mind we had another May storm that we were going to be hammered with in the same year. So for those of us who have been complaining about this lousy spring it could (and in fact has been) worse.

Always nice to chat to the lovely Courtney Samuels who is holding her annual Mother’s Day Domesticated Divas event over at the LSCO. All of the vendors are local and have a wide variety of crafts and wares for mom or perhaps the grad in the family. As always they will be accepting money for a local charity. This year there will be 2: Chinook Autism and the Last Cat Ranch.

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And speaking of cats. Cenz (pronounced Chance) Rossi (pronounced Rossi) saw a need at the humane society for cats who are stuck in their cages waiting for their forever home to have a place to stretch out the old tail a little. So she got the community involved and built what she calls her Catio. The official grand opening is Friday but you’ll have a chance to see it on Scene & Heard tonight. I was tempting to sing “Memories” for the segment but I was advised against it. If you don’t know why I would do that it’s because “Memories” is from “Cats.” And I thought it would be silly to sing Old Rumpleteaser.

It’s always fun to have a go with the guys from Pure Power Wrestling. Today Bulldog McBain decided to take away my mic and take over the segment. I love the fact that these guys bleed & sweat doing what they love to do and always raise money for local charities. This Saturday’s show will help the Boys & Girls Club. Co-oincidentally, that’s where the show is.

You only heard it here: I’ve heard from a very reliable source that we might see The Gothic Knight on Dragon’s Den this fall.

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