April 22, 2014 6:48 pm

Lethbridge man attacked by dog

LETHBRIDGE – 40-year-old Elvis Lyon was rushed to Chinook Regional hospital Sunday morning after a dog attacked him at his north side home in the neighborhood of St. James in Lethbridge.

“I have two bites on my arm and several on my stomach. I’m also on antibiotics,” said Lyon.

He captured the vicious attack with his backyard surveillance cameras. The video shows Lyon petting the dog and then suddenly the dog jumps up and bites him.

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“I was feeding him and the next thing you know he bit my stomach and my arm and then he let go right away when I pinned him against the kennel.”

The day before he had noticed the dog was on the loose in his neighborhood. He say several neighbours called the local animal shelter but were told nobody could come remove the dog because of the Easter holiday weekend.

“There were several neighbors that called. One lady called 4 times and her husband called once. Several other people called and they would not come out,” added Lyon.

That’s when Lyon became the good samaritan and decided to keep the animal until the shelter would come pick up the dog.

“They would not come out unless there is a dog attack or bite.”

Lyon was attacked the very next day by the dog he was trying to protect.

Dave Henely, a bylaw officer for the city says protocol was followed as part of an agreement with animal services and the city.

“They provide services between 7:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. and ten hours on Saturday and Sunday. Stat holidays are emergency complaints only,” said Henely.

The city of Lethbridge defines emergency complaints as one of three things: if a dog injures someone in a bite or attack incident, if a dog or cat is attacked and in need of vet care or if the police require assistance to remove animal from residence

When it falls within these three categories on a holiday the animal shelter will be dispatched.

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