April 3, 2014 11:05 am

John Tory attacks Rob Ford by releasing ‘Code of Conduct’

ABOVE: Find out exactly what John Tory has committed to do with his mayoral “Code of Conduct” 

TORONTO – Toronto mayoral candidate John Tory took direct aim at the actions and past behavior of current Mayor Rob Ford by releasing a campaign platform “Code of Conduct.”

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“We’ve never had an acknowledgement that hanging around with people with lengthy criminal records who were involved with gang and drugs and guns, the very people mayors, any mayor has pledged to get off the street,” Tory said during a press conference Thursday morning.

“There’s never really been an acknowledgement that was wrong. And it is wrong, was wrong and continues to be wrong.”

The 10-point list unveiled by the former talk radio host is labelled under three categories: “Leading a great city”, “Making city council work for Toronto” and “Respect taxpayers with actions, not just words.”

“I will respect and defend our laws, not break them,” wrote code number one. “I will act with the highest degree of integrity, honesty and professionalism that public office demands.”

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Ford was arrested in Miami, Fla. in February 1999 for driving under the influence and was ordered to pay a fine with his driving permit banned in Florida for one year. He also faced a marijuana charge which was later dropped.

He also famously admitted to smoking crack cocaine in a druken stupor in November 2013.

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Another bullet point from the code of conduct references Mayor Ford’s notorious lack of notice for media availabilities.

“I will conduct, at a minimum, a weekly press availability that is open and honest. Fostering meaningful and open civic dialogue requires a Mayor who answers questions – not runs from them.”

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The code of conduct also points to the lack of cohesiveness at city hall, especially Ford’s divisive relationship with other councillors.

“I will mend relationships and build bridges in a divided City Council by working with every member on an issue-by-issue basis. The outcome needs to reflect a desire to make life better for Torontonians.”

Tory also included a promise to make sure “city resources are used exclusively for city business by tightening spending rules and oversight mechanisms.”

Complaints have been filed against Ford in the past after it was revealed city staff and resources were used to run his high school football program.

“I think in fact people care very deeply about this because they can see, I mean first and foremost, that you just can’t get things done when the mayor is behaving in a way that loses the confidence of his council, colleagues, loses the confidence in people from other governments.”

If elected, Tory says he plans to bring the code of conduct to city council for adoption.

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