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Dogs missing after vehicle rollover

Mon, Sep 15: A bad crash injured several dogs on the weekend, and local animal lovers are stepping in to help. A non-profit pet shelter based in Saskatoon was taking the dogs to their adoptive homes when their vehicle rolled. Jill Croteau reports. Watch video 

Saskatoon Overnight Weather – September 15/16

Clear skies overnight tonight in Saskatoon will continue and winds that have been slightly brisk through the day will ease. Temperatures tonight will drop down to around 5 degrees. Tomorrow will be a beautiful day filled with nothing but blue skies and sunshine. The mercury will peak around a balmy 24 degrees tomorrow afternoon. Continue reading 

Glass recycling in Saskatoon

Mon, Sep 15 – With issues surrounding glass recycling in Saskatoon, the Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council looks at steps people can take to ensure glass is getting recycled. Watch video 

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