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Are the Commonwealth Games worth it?

Wed, Jul 30 – The push to bring the Commonwealth Games back to Edmonton continues. The mayor is in Glasgow, Scotland where the 2014 games are underway. But as Vinesh Pratap reports, the spotlight on the games is not as bright as other international events, leading to the question ‘are the games worth it?’ Watch video 

YEG Fitness digital magazine

Wed, Jul 30 – It started as a blog and Twitter account with the hopes of keeping Edmonton fit and active. But now, as Emily Mertz reports, YEG Fitness is becoming a digital magazine. Watch video 

Another hot day in Edmonton

Wed, Jul 30 – Albertans set a new summer record for electricity demand today, and AHS issued a heat advisory for the Edmonton zone. Laurel Gregory digs into the heat and its impact. Watch video 

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