habitat etc and Uppercase Press team up

An Edmonton shop that highlights locally made goods is teaming up with Uppercase Press to host a pop-up event and show people how to make letter-pressed greeting cards. habitat etc owner Annie Parent and card artist Lu Mascaro join us. Watch video 

Syrian refugees tackle anxiety over water

Sat, Jul 23 – Local canoe and kayak clubs in Edmonton held a program for Syrian refugees on Saturday to help them overcome any fear or nervousness they may have over being near or in water. Hundreds of Syrian refugees have drowned trying to escape the civil war. Julia Wong reports. Watch video 

K-Days lured into Pokemon Go craze

“This will be the city’s longest running lure party,” Northlands’ Sheri Drewe said. “It’ll go over the full 10 days at K-Days where we’re going to be bringing in as many Pokemon as we can find.” Continue reading 

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