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State of Math in Alberta

Sun, Jan 24: Lisa Davis, President of the Calgary Association of Parents and School Councils (CAPSC) discusses why some parents are banding together to explore best practices in math education in response to recent curriculum changes. Watch video 

Calgary elementary school vandalized

Thu, Dec 31: Calgary police are investigating a graffiti spree at a catholic school in northwest Calgary. St. Dominic Elementary was spray bombed, and as Gary Bobrovitz reports, police say they are still trying to determine if this is a hate crime. Watch video 

Parents angry after canceled school trips, offered no refund

Thu, Dec 17: A number of parents in the Calgary Catholic School system aren’t too impressed with the school district. First they were told their children can’t go on international trips, now they have learned they won’t get the money they have already paid back. Tony Tighe reports. Watch video 

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