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Candlelight vigil for Pakistani victims

Tue, Dec 16 : At least 141 people have been killed after seven armed men entered a school and opened fire. More than 130 of the victims were students– one of them just 2 years old. Tracy Nagai reports from a candlelight vigil for the victims that took place in Calgary. Watch video 

Young women show interest in plumbing class

Tue, Dec 16 : Looking for a plumbing job? The stereotypical plumber is a big burly guy who carries a big wrench, and his pants may ride a little low too! But while it is a male-dominated trade- some Calgary high school girls are trying to change that. David Boushy reports. Watch video 

Energy downturn – Gaetan Caron

Sat, Dec 13 : Executive fellow at the University of Calgary School of Public Policy; former chair of the National Energy Board – insight on the factors at play in the falling oil prices, why markets over-respond, impact on the environment vs. economics debate, and how Albertans will ultimately feel the effects of the falling… Watch video 

Gil Tucker: Youth Artist

Mon, Dec 8 : The school library offers up so many opportunities for learning for our kids. As Gil Tuckers shows us, a great example of that today for some Calgary kids, finding a world of possibilities in a grain of sand. Watch video 

Juno Beach Academy

Mon, Nov 17 : It may be the end of the road for a Calgary public school, with a rich military history. Juno Beach Academy is facing an arsenal of issues when it comes to enrollment, but parents want one more year, to prove it can work. Watch video 

Bullying perpetuated by Communet app

Thu, Nov 13 : It’s a new app that has exploded in the hallways of Calgary high schools. Called Communet, it started out as a social networking tool, but it’s turned into a controversial space for nameless students to post cruel comments. Jill Croteau reports. Watch video 

Calgary-Elbow sod turnings raise ire of other candidates

Fri, Oct 24 : The education minister is denying it, but every other candidate in Calgary-Elbow is calling it electioneering pure and simple. The Calgary Catholic School Board had sod turning ceremonies across the southeast Friday, and Gordon Dirks was front and centre at each of them. Watch video 

New schools on the way for Alberta

Wed, Oct 8 : New schools are on the way for Calgary and the rest of Alberta. Premier Jim Prentice announced 55 new schools and 20 school modernizations. Tracy Nagai takes a look at what it means to Calgary. Watch video 

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