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New school-based program tackles issue of radicalization

A Calgary mother who lost her son to ISIS radicalization is hoping to stop others from following the same path. She has joined forces with the government to create a program called Extreme Dialogue, an initiative that tackles the issue within schools, but are they reaching the people they need to? Reid Fiest reports. Watch video 

Layoffs – Bob Schulz

Sat, Feb 14 : Layoffs – Bob Schulz, Professor, Haskayne School of Business at the University of Calgary – analyzing the layoffs rolling out as the economic downturn continues. Watch video 

Pam Krause – Gender Neutral Washrooms

Sun, Feb 8 : Gender neutral washrooms – Pam Krause, Calgary Sexual Health Centre -discussing the Calgary Board of Education’s plans to incorporate gender-neutral washrooms in the designs of new schools, and what it means for young Calgarians. Watch video 

Gil Tucker: Book Grandmas

Thu, Jan 29 : Having visitors come by the school usually livens up the routine for elementary students. As Gil Tucker shows us, this is definitely a day to remember for some lucky Calgary kids, helping some special guests celebrate a very special occasion. Watch video 

Public consultations on GSA in Calgary

Kelly Ernst from the Rocky Mountain Civil Liberties Association joins Global Calgary with details on a public consultation they’re holding in Calgary tonight to discuss Gay-Straight Alliances in Alberta schools. Watch video 

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