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Expensive start to the school year

Mon, Sep 1 : Shopping malls around Calgary were bustling with parents scratching those last items off the list. As Sarah Offin reports, parents with children in the public school system may need to do some extra budgeting this year. Watch video 

School bus drivers needed in Calgary

Thu, Aug 21 : Parents and their kids are getting ready to return to school. And that means we’ll be seeing a lot more school buses on the roads. As Doug Vaessen discovered, Southland Transportation still needs a lot of people to drive them. Watch video 

Gil Tucker: World Runner

Thu, Jun 26 : The end of the school year means a lot of us will soon be heading out of town on our summer adventures. But chances are they might not be quite as memorable as the journey one Calgary woman’s on. Watch video 

Gil Tucker: Art Kids

Mon, Jun 16 : A lot of Calgary kids are working on some pretty fun projects in these last few days of the school year. Here’s Gil Tucker with a group of elementary students brushing up on some colourful Canadian culture. Watch video 

Alberta High School Rugby Provincials

Tue, Jun 10 : This past weekend, Calgary Rugby Park hosted the 9th annual Alberta High School Rugby Provincials. Some good stories locally, Western Canada double medalists among them. But once again a heavy southern presence including a staple on the girls side. Brendan Parker reports. Watch video 

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